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We have won many industry awards over the years for producing fundraising films, TV ads,  and social media campaigns for charities and non-profit organisations.

Our own pro bono  work has benefited mostly local inner city charities as well as one national organisation who we’ve been working alongside for the last seven years. These relationships result in close contact with campaign teams and allow us to share and appreciate the competing demands that determine fundraising strategy. As such, we are well-placed to support other charity and non-profit clients with insightful support and understanding – as well as results-driven creative output.



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Our video content is usually aimed at generating funds either via direct sponsorship, donations or subscription, by raising awareness of issues requiring support, or simply underpinning the charity’s brand. As such, it must be clear, targeted and shareable to perform well online.


Whether our clients come to us with pre-formed ideas or we generate our own original ideas and concepts, we are adept at translating challenging narratives and complex academic ideas into highly watchable content.


After many years working across the UK and around the world, our in-house team of filmmakers understand how to work within financial constraints demanded by non-profits and to engage sensitively with potentially very vulnerable contributors.


Our distribution services help universities get their content noticed. Whether it’s on TV, cinema, Youtube or across social media platforms, we’ll squeeze the maximum marketing value from every piece of content we produce.

Christiaan Harden

Christiaan Harden

Client Development Director


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