Student Support Animation Series

Our very affordable (see below) short animated videos are designed to help and support university students coping with lockdown and the feelings of isolation and loneliness they may be experiencing.

The 5 x 2 minute animated films cover:


    1. Isolation and Loneliness
    2. Lack of Motivation
    3. International Students not Integrating
    4. Disengagement
    5. Fear of Covid-19 Situation

    1. Isolation and Loneliness Video Example

      2. Lack of Motivation Video Example


          We consulted with student support services at 21 universities in England and Scotland to determine the problems and areas requiring specific help. We partnered with our client, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, to ensure that our work was backed up by clinically-approved messaging.

            Our Consultants

              Dr Cate Treise

              Dr Cate Treise

              NHS Clinical Psychologist, Cambridgeshire Early Intervention Service.

              Professor Jesus Perez

              Professor Jesus Perez

              Lead Consultant Psychiatrist of CAMEO Early Intervention in Psychosis. Lead Clinical Director NIHR. Lecturer, University of Cambridge. 


              Exceptional Value – Available To Order

              Christiaan Harden

              Christiaan Harden

              Client Development Director

              As an in-house commission the whole 5 x animation series can be branded and adapted for any university client for just £3,000 and is available right now.

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